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In India, women have to suffer discrimination right from birth, including lack of access to proper diet, education, employment, right to inherit property, health care, when and whom to marry, basic minimum wages and social security. Social security benefits for widows are few and paltry, and non-existent for separated or abandoned women. The number of senior citizens in India is projected to reach 15.87 crores in 2025. A higher proportion of elderly are expected to be women (the sex ratio of the elderly is projected to increase to 1,060 women to 1,000 men by 2026).

It follows from the above facts, that elderly women are in greater need of senior citizens homes than men. Sadly, government funded homes and charity homes offer a minimum level of shelter and food. Old-Age Homes should a Place To Live in Dignity, not a place where an elder is sent away to die.

Seruds NGO is proud to announce that we have reached one more new milestone with the launch of?Happy Old Age Home?for neglected destitute elderly persons. The residents have been identified from different village of Kurnool and Mahaboob Nagar Districts, Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently twenty elderly women are sheltered in the home.

At SERUDS Home for the Aged, we have adopted good practices in order to provide a healthy, productive and participatory life to the elderly women residents.

The caregivers who are always available, and encouragement of a support system among residents to make them more self-sufficient help to dispel lack of self worth, loneliness and helplessness. The children from our orphanage often visit the home to share snacks, play games, or talk with the grannies. This initiative engenders a feeling of community and joy in living among both the orphans and elder.

There is space for pooja for daily prayers and all major festivals are celebrated. The women are motivated to keep themselves busy with activities like reading, regular walks, singing bhajans, and more.

Address : SERUDS Old Age Home

Plot No.267, Maruthi Harivillu, Pasupala Road,

Opp.Rayalaseema University, Near G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool – 518007.

The Old Age Home has two bedrooms, a big hall, hygienic kitchen and 3 toilets, and open space for recreation.

Watch the video here:-? Old Age Home Video

We are able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you, and corporates. You can Contribute in the name of someone, and for occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversary to provide festive meals (Annadhanam) in our Ashram. People are welcome to come to the ashram celebrate special occasions with the warm elders.

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Donation Total: ₹2,500

Support the Elders in Kurnool, AP

Best Medical Services for Elderly People at SERUDS NGO in Kurnool, AP

How you can be part of SERUDS Old Age Home:

✅ Contribute Rs.2500 (US $34) to Sponsor one elderly person in the Old Age Home for her Food & Medical Support for One Month.

✅ Sponsor One Destitute Old Age Person for 1 Year with Rs.30000 (US $409) in the Old Age Home for her Nutritious Meals, Medical Care.

✅ Contribute an amount of Rs.3000 (US $41) for most neglected elderly person’s clothes, toiletries for 1 year.

✅ Your contribution Rs.2750 (USD $37) can feed one nutritious hot meal to 30 destitute elderly persons in the Happy Old Age Home.

Salient Features of SERUDS Old Age Home:

✅ Medical Care & Support for Elderly Persons

✅ Nutritious Food – 3 meals daily

✅ A quite, clean and zero noise environment

✅ Recreational, cultural and social activities

Your generous sponsorship’s?help us to serve better to the Most neglected destitute old age persons in the Happy Old Age Home. Once we receive your?contribution?we will send receipt, feedback report on the money utilization and sponsored elderly person’s particulars to you in due course of time.

Sponsor a Granny in our Old Age Home